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The Menarini Group is an Italian pharmaceutical company. Its headquarters is in Florence and has three divisions: Menarini Ricerche, Menarini Biotech and Menarini Diagnostics. It develops pharmacological solutions for cardiovascular diseases, oncology, pain/inflammation, asthma and anti-infectives. Menarini's research activities are carried out through Menarini Ricerche, which deals with all R&D a


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Former Employee - Former Employee says

"No company vision. No corporate. No systems. Entire departments simply doesn’t exists. Everything left to affiliates management or to the hope that no HA will not dig into - thanks to the Chinese boxes structure. No trainings. No career opportunity. Salary not competitive. Plenty of 1) depressed people which have not been able to escape and that regrets their workplace or 2) people which their only ambition it to pass the day and reach the retirement."

Former Employee - Medical Representative says

"Too many. Please think twice. 1. You are on your own doing sales. 2. If you are thinking of climbing to be a senior, fat hope. Don't join. Cause they don't recognize your contribution. They only do it verbally. Trust me in this. The management team will get promoted instead. 3. Award wasn't transparent. You won't know how they calculate their kpi and they set their own rules. Even though they showed their ways of calculating, but at the end, it won't be given to people who deserves it. 4. Horrible drama on the management side. Too much. Never seen so much in this industry before. But if you are applying for sales, it wouldn't be an issue. Just act dumb. 5. Restriction happens on and off for ridiculous reason. Very unfair and super short term vision. 6. They do not know how to retain talents. Many good people have left and thinking of leaving cause they only care about their management team. 7. If you are thinking of joining, ask a sales person. Do not ask any one of the management team even if it's your friend. They will say it's good so that they get commission when you join. 8. If your area is good, u might earn. But if it's earning, why did the previous person leave then? ;)"

Former Employee - Manager says

"upper and middle management no vision. turf carving among VPs and directors common. HR management insecure and pretentious. overall, bureaucratic and slow"

Employee says

"Consistently high attrition rate in certain units of the company. Leaders are old school and conservative . Energy in certain units are negative. Colleagues don't really mingle with each other. You could hardly see them smile, they walk with their heads down and emotionless expression. Senior leaders do not have personal touch and made little to no effort in creating a positive collaborative environment. Most don't walk the talk."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"1) Lack of systems- manual work 2) Senior Management does not act on employee's feedback 3) Very old school way of management"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"to be deeply reviewed salaries, management, ethic"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It depends on which department you are in. Have encountered people who like to gossip behind people's back, but friendly in front of you. It is fairly a toxic environment given that you wont know who is genuine. It is common for staff to take 2 hours lunchtime on a frequent basis without any disciplinary actions from HR because they choose to ignore. Female employees who are working for more than 10 years there are people who are most difficult to deal with as they tear teamwork apart."

Former Employee - Regulatory Affairs Associate says

"Old mindset, resistance to any kind of change, lack vision and innovation"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Worst company Only care about own agenda No progress or intention upward No team work"

Current Employee - Manager says

"Promotion is based on relationship with senior management. Little appreciation to contribution from employees. Very Bureaucratic. People are very protective to themselves rather than helping their colleagues. A lot of products but don't know which one to focus. Little alignment with local affiliates and regional team. Training is bad - training manager has no knowledge of anything at all. SFE is a mess - field force just makes up the call number in the system but everyone (including senior management) knows that is not true."

Senior Research Scientist, Immuno-oncology (Former Employee) says

"I worked an SMB for 2 years, the technology is still a prototype. The CSO does not have biology/life science background and wants to drive the company in the area of diagnostic. Management is authority, favoring selected ethnical groups."